Constructora Sudamericana S.A.

Proyecto Cerro Negro


Percentage participation: 50% Mas Errázuriz – 50% Constructora Sudamericana UTE.

Cerro Negro consists of a system of vein structures yielding high-grade gold, including those of Mariana Central, Mariana Norte and Eureka. We initially built 44.4 km of the True Aike road (Route 39), the access to Cerro Negro and related works of art such as camps, infrastructure, shelter construction and facilities, signposting and monitoring elements.

The main work, carried out as a Joint Venture,involved the excavation and support of subterranean work, incorporating the construction of access roads and the development of a 4.7 x 4.5 m tunnel with a length of 15,600 linear metres on a ramp for mining exploration, with a 12% slope, reinforced according to the type of rock with metal frames, helical bolts, steel mesh and shotcrete for structural support of the tunnel according to geological specifications, seam access tunnels, transportation galleries, support for exploration work, VCR ventilation shafts and mineral transportation.

The Cerro Negro Project has set a new record, having totalled 2,000,000 man-hours without a lost time incident.This news was announced with great satisfaction by the General Management and the Occupational Health and Safety Management of Goldcorp Cerro Negro. Such achievementsreinforce our belief that responsibility for achieving excellence in Occupational Health and Safety is the task of all those involved.That is the reason why we train our own personnel and that of our sub-contractors, raising awareness and developing the skills required so that tasks are performed with the necessary care and prevention measures.



– Construction of exploration tunnels for the Eureka, Mariana Norte and Mariana Central seams, including drilling, blasting, scaling, loading, transporting and reinforcing. – Shotcrete installation. – Ventilation and loading draw points. – Electrical installation, fixed and mobile sub-stations and electrical wiring. – Drains, pumping statio ns, pipe lines and installation of mobile pumps. – Compressed air, compression plant, storage, buffer tanks, compressed air distribution. – Ventilation, ventilation ducts, manufacture and installation of gates, and VCR ventilation shafts. – Process administration and logistics. – Transport of mineralized material. – Construction and installation of shelters. – Signposting and monitoring.

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