Constructora Sudamericana S.A.



An industrial plant for the manufacture of balanced animal feeds was constructed on a large expanse of land. Cylindrical reinforced concrete platforms were used for the foundations, and included internal channels, inserts for the structural supports and chambers for access to the underground distribution networks. Three metal silos similar to those already existing on the same site have been built. From there, conveyor systems carry the various raw materials to the general storage areas. These transportation systems required the construction and assembly of large metallic structures with standardised galvanized profiles and the construction of a vast underground network in structural reinforced concrete, inside which are various types of installation and numerous conveyor belts running through all the sectors involved in feed manufacture. The central soy storage cells are 120 m long and 35 m wide, with a variable height of approximately 15m, constructed with a perimeter reinforced concrete panel with strategically positioned buttresses to offset the pressure exerted by the goods being stored, with a gabled galvanized sheet roof duly anchored to a metallic structure constructed of workshop pre-assembled iron sections put together using large-size hydraulic cranes. The cell also include a horizontal transportation “trench” linking the various areas of the plant. Built of reinforced concrete, it includes an upper cover slab and inspection hatches. The other storage building is the flour store, with wide roofing and fibre-cement side walls, mechanically-floated concrete and thermal insulation in expanded polystyrene throughout its interior. In a perfectly charted and planned job, all the metallic structures for the production buildings were manufactured and assembled, within demanding time constraints and thorough quality controls.

Project Location